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Tress & Keith: An Anniversary Trip to Tahiti

Tress & Keith: An Anniversary Trip to Tahiti

It is no secret that the islands of Tahiti are known as a honeymoon hot-spot, yet the islands hold just as much of an allure to couples celebrating landmark wedding anniversaries. Whether or not you were able to take a honeymoon of a lifetime after your wedding, your love story is always something to be celebrated so why not celebrate with a trip to paradise (children optional, of course!)?

Two of our latest clients, Tress & Keith, just returned from a 30th anniversary trip to the islands of Moorea and Taha’a and we are very excited to be sharing their story with you today!

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Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We are in our late 50s and this trip was for our 30th wedding anniversary.

What was your favorite memory from your trip?

It is difficult to pick just one memory, because there were so many, but I think it would have to be swimming with the sharks and sting rays on Moorea. We went on an outrigger Miti (lagoon) cruise where we traveled on an outrigger canoe to different snorkeling sites and we got to swim with reef sharks and sting rays, so exciting!

What are the “can’t miss” experiences in Tahiti?

Again, the Outrigger Miti Tour on Moorea was a highlight, also the tour on Taha’a that took us to a pearl farm and a vanilla plantation.

What is the one thing you didn’t see or do that you wish you had?

We met people in Moorea who said that the hiking there was really great. I wish we had taken a tour that enabled us to go on a hike.

What touches did your Tahiti Specialist, Christine, add to your trip that made it a legendary anniversary getaway?

We had a beautiful beach bungalow in Moorea at the Sofitel Resort, and then the overwater bungalow with the sunset view in Taha’a at Le Taha’a Resort was truly fantastic! Having someone help us with the booking and accommodations who was familiar with the resorts and the rooms was invaluable - we really got the full “Tahiti” experience with both styles of rooms throughout our stay.

What one word comes to mind when you think about your anniversary trip to Tahiti?


What tips do you have for people currently planning a honeymoon or anniversary trip to Tahiti?

I think it helps to have some local currency. We brought about $400 worth and that worked out fine. Also, because food and drink are very expensive, we brought snacks with us and also bought some wine at the duty-free shop in the airport.

Regardless of your age or the occasion, Tahiti is always a fantastic vacation destination! If you have been, what was your favorite activity? And if you are still daydreaming about a future trip, what activity are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below.

And if you do feel inspired to plan that bucket list vacation of your dreams after hearing from Tress & Keith, you can contact Christine here to make that dream a reality.

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