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Laura & JC: A Honeymoon to Moorea and Bora Bora

Laura & JC: A Honeymoon to Moorea and Bora Bora

We are so excited today to be featuring our recent clients, Laura & JC, and their honeymoon to Moorea and Bora Bora! As soon as we saw their pictures from their trip, we knew we had to hear their entire story and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Read on below for more on their honeymoon adventure through the islands!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We were not only celebrating our honeymoon in Bora Bora, but our seven years as a couple! JC and I met in college. He was in a fraternity and I was in a sorority and we met during a philanthropy event and the rest is history. Six months into dating, I left to study abroad for six months in Europe but JC and I knew what we had was special and decided to make long distance work. Through graduating college, landing full-time jobs, and more we have been an unbreakable team. We were so excited to be able to celebrate this new chapter in our lives with a once (and hopefully twice or more) in a lifetime trip to the Tahitian islands.


What is your favorite memory from the trip?

There are so many! I’ll share one of our more spontaneous adventures - we rented a scooter and explored Moorea, stopping at some local food spots and pretty views. We passed a woman selling coconuts, pulled over and she opened the coconut, put in two straws, and I held it while JC drove to a pretty overlook where we enjoyed it together. It was really fun and just made us feel the relaxation and refreshment of disconnecting on the island and appreciating the natural wonders.

What are the “can’t miss” experiences in Tahiti?

Dinner at Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora

Dinner at Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora

  • You have to do the shark diving and ray feeding experiences! It is so unique and exhilarating.

  • We loved Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora, but would emphasize that you need to go for dinner because that is when they serve the various catches of the day.

  • Take advantage of your hotel’s free rentals for kayaks and stand-up paddleboards as well as snorkel gear!

  • You should explore the island and eat at the local spots.

  • Go to the bar! We met SO many people at the hotel bar and seeing familiar faces and being able to chat with some other couples made the hotel seem like a community and was just spectacular.

  • On Moorea you HAVE to go to the juice distillery! They have really good prices and fun rum to drink during your trip and bring back to loved ones. Ask your Tahiti Legends agent, but I think most of the island tours (we did the 4x4) stop at the distillery.

What’s the one thing you didn’t do that you wish you had?

I heard that the lagoonariums on both Moorea and Bora Bora were really fun, but it just didn’t work for us.

What touches did your Tahiti Specialist, Lisa, add to your trip that made it a legendary honeymoon?

InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort

InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort

Lisa was amazing at making us feel really confident in our choices. She was a subject matter expert when it came to picking the best activities to do and where to stay based off what we expressed wanting to do. I genuinely feel like she helped us to get the most out of our honeymoon with the budget we had. The little booklet that Tahiti Legends sends you with all of your travel and excursions is just so helpful and nice. You don’t have to overthink or worry when you have the directions so easy to follow in the book. You also don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of money or cash because you just hand the tour guide your voucher when they come to pick you up. It could not have been easier. I also feel like Lisa helped guide us through decision making on where to splurge and where to save. She was responsive, helpful, and friendly.

What one word comes to mind when you think about your honeymoon in Tahiti?


What tips do you have for people currently planning a honeymoon to Tahiti?

  • Hydration is important! If you are desperate (or want to save nature and not get too many plastic bottles), the gym and breakfast buffet typically have water for you to fill up your bottle and the staff are really nice. Or, the local shops have big water bottles you can purchase as well.

  • Plan excursions, but also plan relaxation and free time! The hotels have amazing snorkeling and free activities to do.

  • Rent a scooter to explore the island!

  • Pack yourself some healthy snacks.

  • Bring bug spray.

  • Bring sunblock.

  • Bring water shoes.

  • Bring floaties - it is so fun to float off your overwater bungalow!

  • Book an overwater bungalow! If budget is a concern, consider a few days in Moorea in a garden bungalow and then splurge on an overwater bungalow for a few days in Bora Bora.

  • Bring snorkel gear if you can fit it (the hotels also have it)

  • Get breakfast included if you can - it is a great budget saver!

  • Explore the island and eat at the local spots.

  • If you don’t speak French, “poisson” is the French word for fish - order it!

  • Learn a little bit of French before you go.

  • Learn Tahitian phrases while you are there and enjoy the culture and people - they are really funny and nice.


Laura takes the advice right out of our own mouths - we’ve got some competition! We love that Laura & JC took the time to explore the island outside of the hotel grounds. It’s such a great way to immerse yourself in the Tahitian island lifestyle! And we do sincerely hope this is the first of many Tahiti trips for this couple - they were a joy to work with!

Did you do any spontaneous activities on your trip? Tell us your favorite in the comments below.

Have a great week everyone!

InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa

InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa

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